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03 March 2021 (01:49)
We have changed up the party system. You will now recieve bonus experience per vocation when sharing and you will no longer damage your party members with AoE attack runes and spell, unless you un-tick secure mode.
24 February 2021 (20:48)
This server save we implement something that we believe many players will enjoy. A guild war system. You will not gain unjustified frags against the enemy team. And the war will only last for set amount of frags, default is 100 frags, can be 10-1000.
23 February 2021 (20:36)
With this server save you will have to download a new client. Sorry for the inconvenience.
22 February 2021 (18:39)
We have made water elementals fishable like real tibia. We have added premium scrolls back to the store and enabled them in-game after SS.
18 February 2021 (22:43)
Gameservers are back online. Both Australian and European server. Please download the latest client to play.
18 February 2021 (18:36)
Gameserver will be offline for longer this server save for implementing an update. Page will go down and up during this time aswell.
05 February 2021 (21:29)
Gameserver is back online.
05 February 2021 (00:14)
Tomorrow server save will be extended by up to 1 hour longer than usually. To do some server maintenance. Page might go offline during this time aswell.
03 February 2021 (01:44)
From next serversave monster have recived lower spamrate on spells.
24 January 2021 (08:58)
Next server save the list of monsters that can be boosted will be lowered, now we only include creatures giving 500 or more experience (This is with 2x exp.)
18 January 2021 (09:17)
Next server save will see increase of frags. See server info for new limits.
15 January 2021 (23:46)
Boosted creature system is now live!
14 January 2021 (16:48)
Players can now sell most basic weapons/equipment to weapons/equipment NPC. E.G plate Armor's, steel helmet's etc etc.
14 January 2021 (12:41)
Blue Djinn now buys: Dragonbone Staff 3000gp, Wyvern Fang 1500gp, Paladin Armor 15000gp, Terra Mantle 11000gp, Terra Legs 11000gp, Terra Boots 2500gp.
14 January 2021 (12:40)
Green Djinn now buys: Mercenary Sword 12000gp, Noble Axe 10000gp, Demonrage Sword 36000gp, Dragon Slayer 15000gp, Titan Axe 4000gp.
13 January 2021 (19:52)
With todays server save Demona Warlocks spawn has been edited. There is now more Warlocks in spawn and the spawn times have been changed.
11 January 2021 (21:07)
With todays serversave, formula for melee damage has been altered, this should make knights feel much more smooth to play. We've noticed a issue with spawnrate that also have been sorted out.
11 January 2021 (14:50)
The spawn time of the following has been changed. Edron Bog Raiders, Edron Wyverns, Edron Earth Elementals, Ankrahmun Dragons and Edron Demon spawns
07 January 2021 (23:58)
Next server save will be longer than normal. Game server will be down for about 30 min up to an hour longer then normal. This is for a server update a client download will be required.
27 December 2020 (12:36)
Next server save weapons will have Element damage. E.g Fire Sword, Serpant sword, Fire Axe ect ect. (No new client download is required aslong as you have the client from 25.12.2020)
25 December 2020 (23:17)
Please Update to our latest client to avoid any debug issues.
25 December 2020 (22:07)
A bug that was causing crashes has been fixed. It was caused by bad code in ranged attacks.
20 December 2020 (08:55)
Next server save all monsters will have their elemental resistances updated to be more proper now with ice damage has been in the game for awhile.
15 December 2020 (09:21)
Issue with players online list, it doesn't show everyone that's actually online. Looking at what caused it.
14 December 2020 (21:18)
Gameworld is back online.
14 December 2020 (02:32)
Next server save will be longer than normal. Expect both game server and website to be down for about 30min up to an hour longer. This is to upgrade the back-end and our database.
08 December 2020 (02:13)
New command has been added " !vials " to let people choose if they want mana- and lifefluids to be removed or turn into empty vials when used. By default they will be removed.
07 December 2020 (23:19)
Summoned creatures no longer gain a part of a mages exp.
02 December 2020 (09:02)
Bug that caused town to be set to Thais on players that lost premium when the player was still in rookgaard has been fixed.
01 December 2020 (02:06)
Hotfix to enable shared exp in party. Command " !share "is used by the party leader to enable it.
30 November 2020 (21:32)
We have reduced the spawntime by 50%. We will keep a close look if its reduced by to much.
29 November 2020 (21:23)
The game server is back online.
29 November 2020 (09:50)
Next server save will be longer than usual. Estimated downtime is 30min longer than normal. This is to prepare the server for future updates.
29 November 2020 (03:04)
With the next server save, health and mana regeneration will be increased by +1 for all vocations.
26 November 2020 (21:13)
The game server is back online.
26 November 2020 (19:14)
Today’s serversave will be longer than usual. Estimated downtime is 30min longer than normally. This is for security and server maintenance.
24 November 2020 (08:57)
With the next server save the 500 limit to withdraw money is removed.
19 November 2020 (21:34)
With todays serversave you can now conjure runes with blank runes directly in your backpack. No need to move them to your hand anymore.