Name: Hero
Health: 1400
Exp: 2400
Exp/Hp ratio: 1.71

Damage taken from elements:
Fire : 70%
Energy : 60%
Physical : 90%
Ice : 90%
Earth : 50%

Immune to following:
Paralyze, Invisible

Can drop the following:
1-13 Arrow, Bow, Crown Armor, Crown Helmet, Crown Legs, Crown Shield, Fire Sword, 1-100 Gold Coin, Grapes, Green Tunic, Lyre, 1-2 Meat, Might Ring, Red Rose, Rope, Scarf, Scroll, Two Handed Sword, War Hammer, Wedding Ring, Piggy Bank, Red Piece Of Cloth, Small Notebook, Scroll Of Heroic Deeds, Ultimate Healing Rune