Name: Orc Warlord
Health: 950
Exp: 1340
Exp/Hp ratio: 1.41

Damage taken from elements:
Fire : 20%
Energy : 80%
Earth : 110%

Immune to following:
Fire, Invisible

Can drop the following:
Brass Armor, Brass Legs, Crusader Helmet, Dark Helmet, Dragon Hammer, 1-2 Fish, 1-45 Gold Coin, 1-2 Meat, Orcish Axe, Plate Armor, Plate Legs, Protection Amulet, Scimitar, Stealth Ring, 1-40 Throwing Star, Two Handed Sword, Orc Leather, Orc Tooth, Broken Helmet, Skull Belt, Magma Boots, Intense Healing Rune