Name: Serpent Spawn
Health: 3000
Exp: 4000
Exp/Hp ratio: 1.33

Damage taken from elements:
Fire : 110%
Energy : 110%
Ice : 80%

Immune to following:
Paralyze, Poison, Invisible

Can drop the following:
Book, Charmers Tiara, Crown Armor, Energy Ring, 1-100 Gold Coin, Golden Mug, Snakebite Rod, Green Mushroom, Life Crystal, Life Ring, Old Parchment, Power Bolt, Royal Helmet, Warrior Helmet, Small Sapphire, Strange Helmet, Tower Shield, Mercenary Sword, Noble Axe, Spellbook Of Mind Control, Swamplair Armor, Snake Skin, Winged Tail, Mana Potion